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When we set out to create the AIM Recovery center, we knew we wanted to create a place where the disease of addiction was treated using evidence-based methods under the supervision of a caring and professional staff. To this day, we use best practices and an outcomes-based philosophy to provide the highest quality treatment possible for our patients.

While drug use is a preventable behavior, addiction is a disease of learning, memory, motivation, and choice. Addiction results in biological, social, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual alterations. It affects the “survival brain”, the non-verbal, emotional, pleasure, and survival-driven part of the nervous system that does not respond to reason or logic. Unfortunately, it will not simply go away through sheer strength of will. Abstinence, medication, peer support, professional guidance, exercise, diet, and ritual are all required to facilitate recovery.

Recovery is always possible. It takes time, patience and it will be challenging, but you can achieve mental peace, physical wellbeing, and personal productivity with the proper treatment. Call us today to learn more about our holistic, individualized patient care plans.

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