What Is The Process Of Alcohol Rehabilitation?

There are four stages of the alcohol rehab process which are treatment initiation, early abstinence, maintaining abstinence, and advanced recovery. The first stage consists of the individual actively deciding to participate in the treatment and accept that abstinence is the goal.  

The second stage will be the hardest because you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings. This stage is where you have to mentally and emotionally ready for a roller coaster, but remain strong and never forget the goal. You want to avoid any triggers that may cause you to relapse. The third stage is where you want to improve your physical health as well as rebuild healthy relationships with family and friends. You also want to develop a drug-free lifestyle and learn about different employment opportunities. In the last stage, you want to develop a routine schedule and build relationships with people who will not influence drinking habits. You want to find ways that will lead to a healthy and happy life.

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab Centers

Alcohol rehab centers provide you with a safe environment to detoxify. They provide medical help that will be customized to your needs by licensed professionals. Rehab centers provide you with the skills and knowledge you can use for the rest of your life. They offer you strategies to prevent you from relapsing and help you build peer and family support because this process can not be done alone. Rehab centers will change your life drastically for the better, you will regain control of your life. 

Alcohol Rehabilitation at AIM Recovery

AIM Recovery’s mission is to provide quality and individualized health care to patients with substance abuse disorders in order to help them regain control in their lives. We are a CARF certified facility and our staff works with patients, their families, and support teams by employing the latest evidence-based practices into personalized treatment plans.  Our treatment centers are located Novi, MI, Farmington Hills, MI, Livonia, MI, and the surrounding areas. Contact us online or call us at (734) 412-8800 so we can help you start your journey of recovery.

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