Common Signs of Opioid Dependence

If someone you love is abusing prescription opioid medications, it may not be easy to identify right away. You may begin to notice slight changes in your loved one’s moods or behavior during the early stages. Opioid abuse may even lead patients to try and obtain their medications without a prescription. This is especially dangerous because they risk taking medications that may be laced with life-threatening contaminants, illegal drugs, or much more powerful opioids. A number of additional genetic, psychological and environmental factors play a huge role in opioid addiction. Opioid dependence can cause excessive mood swings and overall poor-decision making. 

How to Identify an Addiction

Opioid addiction can take over a person’s life and have deadly consequences on their health.  Over time, the user develops a high tolerance and dependence on the drug, which leads to greater use and eventually addiction. Some health consequences include lowered production of endorphins in the brain, development of mental health disorders, and increased risk of an opioid drug overdose. In many cases, it can be difficult to ascertain whether someone is struggling with addiction until they begin showing signs of withdrawal. Some common signs of opioid misuse can include drowsiness, poor memory or concentration, and reduced social interaction. 

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